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High performance bij Sportcentrum VU

The High Performance section of Sport Centre VU stands for extra support in achieving your goals. This can be a goal of getting your best personal health as possible. Or for ambitious athletes to get the best own development in a certain type of sport. This can be any type of sport and at any level.

The extra guidance always consists of a test, analyzes and customized programs. The guidance may consist of one test with appropriate exercise or training advice. However, it makes extra sense to go through a more extensive program of repeated testing, analyses and adjusted exercise and training programs during a year. High Performance is of course accessible to members of Sports Center VU, but external sportsmen can also make use of the expertise. They can also train elsewhere based on the advice.

Ambitious sports development: Sport Test

VU Sport Centre also offers additional guidance for athletes who would like to perform better in a specific sport, possible for any type of sport at any level. As long as you are ambitious in reaching your own best level. The start of this proces is the Sport Test. This Sport Test provides insight in important key performance indicators. The Sport Test helps you to evaluate your performance over time.

But above all, the test will provide, together with your personal objective, the right tools to design your training program.

The content of a Sport Test

The Sport test starts with a personal interview with questions about sport, goals, health and lifestyle. This gives an initial indication about the specific situation of the athlete. We then measure Height (with children also sitting height for determination of their Age to Peak Height Velocity), Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI: a measure to get an impression of whether the weight is within normvalues), Fat percentage and Blood pressure. We determine your endurance level on the basis of a submaximal exercise test on the bike. If desired (and possible) we can also determine the maximum heart rate.
We perform a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This is a test protocol that provides insight into the fundamental movement patterns and specifically into possible weak links and asymmetries in mobility, stability and basic strength in the body.

We also look at your jumping ability in the context of strength and explosiveness of the lower body and at your speed / maneuverability. Following the test you will receive a detailed report of analysis and a training program with extensive explanation.

Sports Test extra

It is also possible to do the sports test extra. That is the sports test plus extra power measurements. You can think of single-sided power measurements of legs and upper body with the goal of a zero measurement, left-right difference and advice on training weight for optimal power.

Would you like more information or make an appointment for the Sports Test? Please contact Mariëlle Spekreijse, m.spekreijse@vu.nl

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