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High Performance – extra coaching

High performance bij Sportcentrum VU

High Performance at the VU Sports Centre means extra coaching for our members. This additional coaching consists of tests, analysis and personalized programs. There are basically two types of coaching. The first one is aimed at being active to stay healthy. The second one is optimal coaching for ambitious athletes, who would like to get better at their sport or maybe even reach the top.

The guidance might consist of a one-time test, resulting in an advice on how to train or start moving. But it is more useful to start a more extensive program. In that case, you will undergo various tests and throughout the course of one year, the advice and your personalized program will be adjusted.

It goes without saying that High Performance is open to members of the VU Sports Centre, but also non- members can request using this expertise. They can use the given advice while training elsewhere.

Health: The Fit and Activeness Test

VU Sports Centre offers additional guidance focused on health, this is called the Fit and Activeness Test. This test gives a good indication on your current health. It is mainly focused on heart and vascular diseases. People with a higher risk of those diseases can usually improve their lives significantly, by just making a few minor changes in their lifestyle. Besides that, we test some basic activeness levels. After the test we provide you with advice about health. This advice contains pointers on how to improve your health.

How does the Fit and Activeness Test work?

The fit and activeness test starts with a conversation (face to face), where you’ll answer questions concerning your health and lifestyle. This gives a first impression about your specific situation. After this we’ll measure your height, weight and BMI. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the relation between weight and height. It is one of the indications to check if you have a healthy weight. We also check the body fat percentage and the measurements of your stomach. We will check your blood pressure and your physical fitness by doing a suboptimal exercise test. Last but not least we’ll do a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This instrument gives an indication for stability, mobility and flexibility, or lack thereof.

Would you like more information about the Fit and Activeness Test, or would you like to schedule an appointment to take the Fit and Activeness test? Contact Mariëlle Spekreijse, m.spekreijse@vu.nl or call at 06 11 36 31 01.

 (Top) sports development: Sport Test

VU Sport Centre also offers additional guidance for athletes who would like to perform better in a specific sport. The additional guidance is designed, based on the Sport Test. This Sport Test provides insight in determining important key performance indicators. This could be for any sport at any level. You don’t have to be a top athlete to take this Sport Test. The Sport Test helps you to evaluate your performance over time.

But above all, the test will give you, together with your personal objective, the right tools to design your training program.

How does the Sport Test work?

We’ll measure height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage and blood pressure. We’ll also do a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This instrument gives an indication for stability, mobility and flexibility, or lack thereof. By carrying out a suboptimal exercise on a bike test we’ll determine your physical fitness. If required (and possible) we can also determine your maximal heart frequency. We’ll also look at your jumping ability and your speed / maneuverability. As a result, you’ll receive an analysis, a detailed report and a training program with extensive explanation.

Sport Test extra

It’s also possible to do a Sport Test extra. That entails the Sport Test plus additional power measurements. Think along the way of single-sided strength measurements of legs and upper body with as objective to have a baseline, left-right difference and an advice on weight training.  Would you like more information about the Sport Test or make an appointment for the Sport Test? Please contact Mariëlle Spekreijse, m.spekreijse@vu.nl – 06 11 36 31 01

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