Within Health & Performance we offer various types of massages of which sports massage is the most prominent one.
Sports massage entails carrying out various massage techniques on an uncovered body part of a healthy athlete, with the aim of improving of maintaining his/her physical condition and/or removing any adverse effects of his/her sport.

Sports massage is used to reduce fatigue symptoms that are the direct result of physical exercise (sports or other activity in daily life). The toxins that cause fatigue, pain or cramp are massaged out of the muscles. As a result, the metabolism is positively influenced, so that you can recover faster, and you are able to deliver a certain performance quicker. It could also have the effect of preventing injuries.

In addition to the effects mentioned above, sports massage, just like basically any other form of massage, results in psychological and physical relaxation. So additionally, to feeling very relaxed, this effect will also help the body to recover faster and to function better.
Because sports and other activities in daily life can have the same effect on our body, a (sports) massage is suitable for everyone, also for non-athletes.
By the way, a sport massage can also be used to activate muscles for a sport activity, as part (but not as a substitute) of a warm-up.

There are two massage therapists at VU Sports Centre, each with specific knowledge and working hours, Marco Linneman and Nina Velikova.


The basis for the sports massage therapy of Marco Linnemann is general massage which is supplemented and extended with: connective tissue massage, Shiatsu (Japanese pressure point massage), foot reflex zone massage, Aqua massage (using a hot water cushion), chair massage and lymphatic drainage. This enables Marco to remedy complaints (often chronic) using varying methods and techniques, by focusing on not only the direct complaint, but also on possible indirect causes. This treatment enables you to go back to practicing your sport quicker, but it also has a preventive effect and is just a moment of relaxation as well.

Do you want more information or make an appointment?

Contact Marco Linnemann.

T: 06-23 817 717



Nina is a massage specialist, where you can go for sports massage, deep tissue massage or relaxation massage. As a fanatic ex-sportswoman, she herself had experienced the beneficial effects of massage on injuries and fatigue. This fascinated her so much that she eventually decided to retrain as a massage therapist.

She has her own practice, but is happy to also offer her expert massage treatments through the VU Sports Center.

Do you want more information or make an appointment? Check out her website or contact Nina directly:

T: 06-14610107
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