Mental Training

Mentale Training KSPCAre you into sports seriously and want to aim for the highest? Want to learn how to cope with tension, pressure or setbacks? How you can avail from more self confidence?  Want to work on a strong(er) focus? Then read on and find out what mental training by a sports psychologist can do for you.

About me

My name is Ryan Kreijne, kinesiologist, sports psychologist VSPN®, American Football international and owner of Kreijne Sport & Prestatie Consultancy. My love for sports & movement brought me to a master in kinesiology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. During this study and because of my own sport I developed an interest in the mental side of sports. That’s why I started the study for practical sports psychologist, at the Vrije Universiteit as well and now I’m an accredited sports psychologist.

Mental training

Sport is not only physical, the mental part of sports is essentiel. At the VU Sports centre I offer mental training, often in combination with a coaching program. In this program you will get insight in your way of working, strong points and improvement areas. I will show you how you can get the best out of yourself and how to use this to deliver top performances!

You’ll learn mental skills like setting goals, controlling your tension, improving your concentration, directing your thoughts and visualization. A coaching program is personalized for you and always unique.

For who

Mental training is for everyone doing sports. For (young) sportsman and -woman, sports teams and coaches/trainers. Whether you experience a problem or want to become stronger mentally, this mental training will definitely help you.

Mental training is also available for workshop for groups.

Free introduction

Curious what my mental training can do for you? Get in touch for more information or a free introduction.


Ryan Kreijne
06 45 59 41 85


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