VU Sports centre works together closely with independent entrepreneurs within Health & Performance. These entrepreneurs are all experts in their own field. Within physiotherapy we work together with the team of Fysiofysiek. You’ll find their practice at our locations at Uilenstede and the VU Campus.

Do you experience physical injuries during working out, at work or during other daily activities? Do you want to know how to workout in a responsible way? Are you curious what sports can do for you to prevent work-related injuries? Do you need professional support to get rid of RSI (repetitive strain injuries)?

At Fysiofysiek we can help you with treatments of different health-related problems and/or injuries. Visit our practice for work related- or sports injuries or rehabilition after surgery. Besides general physiotherapy we also offer manual therapy and Dry Needling.

The team of Fysiofysiek counts three physiotherapists: Sido Vleer, Jesse Balsem and Rosalie Blauw. They will advise a custom therapy/treatment depending your injury.


Physiotherapy is freely accessible. This means it’s not necessary (for most insurance companies) to receive a referral letter from your family doctor. Whether the treatments will be covered by your health insurance completely or partly, depends on your (additional) insurance. To find out, check your insurance policy or ask your health insurance company for more information.


For more information or making an appointment please get in touch with
Sido Vleer
06-1917 8595

If you want to reach another physiotherapists of our practice:

Jesse Balsem
06 4137 5038

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