VU Sports Centre within Health & Performance cooperates with independent entrepreneurs with expertise in a specific area. In the field of podotherapy we work with PodoMed.

PodoMed is a specialist in treating physical problems that arise from improper functioning of the feet. PodoMed offers a wide range of support options. From foot treatments and podotherapy to the treatment of more complex symptoms, such as diabetes.

What can you expect?

After examining (using the latest 2D and 3D techniques), PodoMed recommends the right sole for the right shoe. You´ll receive a comprehensive explanation about the advice. We issue a 6-month warranty on our products. You can always count on care and support from head to toe. A reassuring feeling! Top athletes like Rafael van der Vaart and Memphis Depay swear by the solutions of PodoMed!


The initial exam consists of five parts:

  • An intake interview to get the most complete picture as possible of the complaint,
  • A ´podoscan´ to examine the soles of the feet and the pressure points. This scan also makes it possible to determine the foot type,
  • A scan of the feet, a standing and a running impression and possibly a dynamic gait analysis,
  • Testing of the feet and checking the functionality of the foot joints under pressure,
  • The wear and tear of the current shoes is being monitored. PodoMed also looks at whether the shoe is suitable for the type of foot and gives advice on this matter.

After the examination you’ll receive an advice in the form of insoles. These are manufactured based on the scans of the feet. When the soles are ready, you come back with your shoes. The inside work is then taken out of the shoe and the support sole will be placed. You’ll walk on these soles for 10 to 14 days. If there are complaints such as blisters or permanent muscle / pain complaints, a new appointment will follow to adjust this. If there are no complaints, you’ll walk on the soles for three months. If the original complaint does not improve, we adjust the soles where necessary. If everything goes well, you’ll receive a call after a year to have the soles checked. We then check whether the soles are still ok and give enough support. If necessary, you schedule an appointment and we adjust the soles.


Podotherahy is covered under additional insurance, so it doe matter whether you have just a basic or also an additional insurance. Therefor, please check the policy of your health insurance first.

You can find the prices of PodoMed here.

More information

To schedule an appointment please contact PodoMed.



The appointment will take place at the VU Sports Centre – location Uilenstede

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