VU Fit at Work

VU Fit at Work: free sports for VU employees

The program is paid for by the VU employee-fund, in agreement with the OR, CvB and HRM.
Please note:

  • You need to register at one of our sports centre locations. Bring ID and VU paycheck for identification.
  • VU Fit at Work does not apply for VUmc and ACTA employees. This is because these organizations do not contribute to the VU employee-fund. However, you are more than welcome to join, and register for employee prices.
  • PhD students and post-docs sometimes work at the university on a scholarship basis. In that case, the free VU Fit at Work program does not apply. However, you are more than welcome to join, and register for student prices.

What does the program include?

  1. Unlimited participation in fitness, aerobics classes and running training. Others sports (like martial arts, tennis, basketball, swimming etc.) are not included. You are however more than welcome to join! See the memberships overview for the registration fees.
  2. You can get tested and let our staff make a training schedule for you based on your wishes and goals. Please ask about this with our fitness instructors.

If you are interested in online sports support and/or extra tests and advice, you can contact Mariëlle:

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