Movement in Lifestyle

Based on ‘Movement and Lifestyle’ you can work on preventing diseases and improving your health, mentally and physically!

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, in which relaxation, sleep, nutrition and mindset are also important factors. Bring movement into your lifestyle and experience which aspect of self-care can be implemented for the benefit of your health.

Movement in Lifestyle implies personal guidance in proper self-care to prevent diseases and optimize your mental and physical vitality!

A Lifestyle Movement course is focused on tackling possible causes of illness and is therefore not a treatment based on symptoms. It can be used in addition to medical treatment, it is never a substitute for it!

For example: a doctor might prescribe medication for high blood pressure, while Movement in Lifestyle adds positive elements by working on the underlying causes such as stress, unhealthy nutrition and inactivity.

But you don’t have to wait for real ailments or health problems to start optimizing your health. Just keep investing in your mental and physical health and vitality. So take good care of yourself on a regular basis!

You can do that by taking small steps to enhance your immune system, to lose weight in a healthy way, to strengthen your autonomic nervous system, to experience more energy or to create a stronger brain and to feel better about yourself.

The Sports Center VU Movement in Lifestyle Training is given by Mariëlle Spekreijse. She is graduated as Human Movement Scientist at the VU with a specialisation in Health Science and a minor in Psychology. After her studies, she has been giving training / advice in the field of sports, exercise and health for more than 25 years, specialising in tennis and fitness. Over the past 5 years, the focus has increasingly been on a total approach to health and vitality, in which relaxation, sleep, nutrition and thinking are just as important as the exercise pattern. This has now resulted in the completion of the Oersterk Coach Training of Richard de Leth (a medical graduate at the VU).

A Movement in Lifestyle course always starts with an intake, consisting of:

1. Personal interview based on a pre-completed questionnaire about health, lifestyle and personal goals.
2. A Fit- and Movement Test, which provides insight into basic health variables such as body measures, blood pressure and endurance. In addition, the body is tested for mobility, stability, coordination and basic strength, or fundamental movement.

Based on the data from the intake, a report is made and a (written) tailor-made advice is drawn up with the aim of more vitality.

Here you can find the tariffs of the different Movement in Lifestyle courses.

Do you want more information or make an appointment?
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