VU Sports Center offers you the chance to get through the lockdown fitter and healthier than before. Do you want a healthy (er) weight, a better condition, more energy and feel stronger? Or are you just looking for something to get through the lockdown, so that you are gym ready to hit the VU Sports Center again? Get ready and join our LOCKDOWN CHALLENGE for the next 28 days !!

From Wednesday, January 13, you can work on your fitness goals for 28 days through our program.

This means: every day of the week you plan sports and exercise in your agenda, so that you can do it next to work, study or watching Netflix 😉.

What does the LOCKDOWN CHALLENGE entail?

1. First of all: write down your goal for this challenge! What do you want to achieve? My goal is: ……… .. (more toned body, weight loss, high energy level, more sports and exercise moments per week)
2. Plan the sport and exercise time per week and just do it! Do you plan work and study seriously? Do that for yourself, your health and that wonderful “feeling good in your skin” sensation!
3. In addition, choose one point from the sections below and take on this challenge yourself.
4. Do you want to get more out of your challenge? Then choose two or more points per part.

Note: Do you need help or do you want to spar about an exercise or other part of the LOCKDOWN CHALLENGE? We, VU Sports Center instructors, are ready to help you e.g. determine your fitness goal (s), but also to achieve them! So do not hesitate, if you need a little support and mail for an online appointment: j.seijger@vu.nl

Choose from the next sections:



  • Eat up to 3x a day
  • Try to eat as many different fruits / vegetables per week as possible, including berries, cauliflower, leek, garlic, onion, leafy vegetables.
  • Eat vegetables with at least 2 meals and eat half a plate of vegetables with the evening meal supplemented with healthy proteins (egg, (organic) chicken, fish, legumes)
  • Eggs and at least 2x / week fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring.
  • Olive oil (extra virgin) in salads and use a lot of herbs, including oregano
  • 3-4 cups of herbal tea per day
  • Skip a meal once a week, by Intermittent Fasting, eg do not eat after 8 pm until 12 pm the next day, healthy food between 12-8 pm.


  • At least 7.5 hours of sleep per night. Go to bed an hour earlier and do not look at screens with blue light for the last hour before going to bed.
  • Focus 3x a day for 5-10 min (or whenever you need it) on a gentle nasal breathing to your abdomen with an extension of your exhalation, this has a relaxing effect on body and mind. Let all thoughts that arise for what they are without going into them. Notice them, but immediately return your focus to your breath.

At rest, a breathing frequency of 5-7 repetitions is optimal.


  • In the morning: take a cold shower; build up from 10 sec to 10x calm breathing = 60 sec) with focus on and towards your abdomen.
  • During the day: expose yourself to outside air and sunlight.
  • Evening: take a warm shower / bath.
  • In the morning: take a cold shower; build up from 10 sec to 10x calm breathing = 60 sec) with focus on and towards your abdomen.
  • During the day: expose yourself to outside air and sunlight

Fill in the 28-day TRAINING SCHEDULE per week. This way you can keep track of whether you have achieved your goals. But you can use any weekly result to do / not adjust the following week.

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