Basketball is a fast, attractive team sport which is in continuous movement. Offence and defense alternate quickly and there is a lot of scoring involved. It appeals greatly on athletic ability, technical skills and tactical insight of the players.

Nowadays basketball is played in two ways. Traditionally 5x5 on a complete field, or the new trendy 3x3 on a half court with adjusted rules. At the VU Sports Centre you will be able to find both types! It is also possible to play competitive games with our basketball club 'SVU Basketbal'.


Week 21

donderdag 24 mei 2018

Time Sport Trainer Location Availlability
21:00 - 23:30 Basketball (halve hal) Urbian Sporthal 1 n/a

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Basketball at VU Sports Centre

Worldwide more than 250 million people practice 3x3, making it the biggest urban team sport in the world.

Basketball at VU Sports Centre

5×5 Basketball

5×5 basketball is played on a complete court and with ten players. Every Tuesday night from 6:30 pm till 8 pm there is a recreational practice. The practice is guided by trainers from our club. All basic techniques and tactics are covered during practice. You will also play matches amongst the participants and you will get to know the club ´SVU Basketbal´. To participate in practice, you must buy a separate basketball plan, or an all-in-membership.

3×3 Basketball

Since 2011, 3×3 Basketball is officially recognized as a discipline within this sport. 3 against 3 basketball is played with six players on a half court. Besides that, the rules are also slightly adjusted. Worldwide more than 250 million people practice 3×3, making it the biggest urban team sport in the world.

3×3 is a very accessible form of this sport. All participants are actively involved in the game, because you play with just three players, giving everyone the chance to score. Furthermore, it is very easy, because it can be played anywhere in the neighborhood, both inside and outside. In the Netherlands 3×3 is gaining popularity as well. The ´Streetball Masters´ summer and winter tour, organized by the Dutch Basketball Association (NBB) and the municipality of Amsterdam, expands with more tournaments and more participants every year.

You can play 3×3 basketball at the VU Sports Centre every Thursday between 9 and 11 pm. The practice is guided by trainers from our club. To participate in practice, you must buy a separate basketball plan, or have an all-in-membership.

Playing competition games with SVU Basketbal

The VU Sports Centre is the home base for the student basketball club of the VU: SVU Basketbal. By becoming a member of this club, you will play in the competition of the Dutch Basketball Association and you will do practice trainings with a team of your own level. Practice trainings are once a week on Tuesdays. You can/may join the practice with the recreational trainings on Thursdays as well. Matches are played in the weekend (home / away). The club also organizes tournaments, parties and other activities throughout the year. Check the Facebook-page for more information or send an email to head coach Urbian Vreds:

SVU Basketbal club:

  • Training Men: Tuesday 9:30 – 11 pm
  • Additional training for recreational players: Thursdays 9-11 pm
  • Unfortunately, this season, there is no women’s club training or team!
  • Costs: Contribution for club and Dutch Basketball Association: €185,00 + membership of VU Sports Centre.

Free trial training

Would you like to try this training? No problem – all new members can try one day of activities from our sports portfolio, entirely free! So, come and try out a basketball trial training! Please register at the reception of either one of our two locations.

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