Throughout the year we offer excellent possibilities to play tennis. Both in summer and in winter you will find an extensive program, so that everyone – of all different levels – can enjoy playing tennis. The tennis program offers courses and practice in groups, recreational playing and private training.

In the summer period (April until October) the tennis program will take place at Tennispark Buitenveldert. This is one of the nicest and most social tennis courts of Amsterdam, within walking distance of the Vrije Universiteit. Court number 3 is available for training practice and recreational practice the whole week. During winter, the training practice will take place on the Uilenstede location. Trainers Mariëlle Spekreijse and Borre Diesbergen teach tennis in a great, fun environment. They both hold a ¨KNLTB-A or -B license¨.


Week 50

Thursday 13 December 2018

Time Sport Trainer Location Availlability
17:00 - 18:00 Tennis Niveau beginners Mariëlle Sporthal 1 n/a
18:00 - 19:00 Tennis Cardiotennis Mariëlle Sporthal 1 n/a

Friday 14 December 2018

Time Sport Trainer Location Availlability
17:00 - 18:00 Training Tenista Borre Sporthal 1 n/a

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Week 03

15 januari 2018

Time Informatie Location
16:00 - 17:00 Tennis Sporthal 1 (tennis) Buy
17:00 - 18:00 Tennis Niveau 10 Sporthal 1 (tennis) Buy
18:00 - 19:00 Tennis Niveau 9/8 Sporthal 1 (tennis) Buy

18 januari 2018

Time Informatie Location
16:00 - 17:00 Tennis Niveau 7/6 Sporthal 1 (tennis) Buy
17:00 - 18:00 Tennis Sporthal 1 (tennis) Buy
18:00 - 19:00 Tennis Cardio Sporthal 1 (tennis) Buy

Tennis at VU Sports centre

Playing tennis at the VU Sports centre is great fun and the perfect way to stay fit and in shape throughout the year. The courses are diverse and the groups not too big, so personal attention is garantueed.

Tennis courses starting in January

Day Time Level Trainer Max. number
Monday (start Jan 14) 16.00-17.00 beginner Borre 10 in 2 courts
17.00-18.00 10 Borre 10 in 2 courts
18.00-19.00 9/8 Borre 10 in 2 courts
Tuesday (start Jan 22) 16.30-17.30 10 Borre 10 in 2 courts
17.30-18.30 9/8 Borre 10 in 2 courts
Thursday (start Jan 17) 16.00-17.00 7/6 Marielle 10 in 2 courts
17.00-18.00 beginner Marielle 10 in 2 courts
 18.00-19.00 cardio Marielle 12 in 2 courts


Throughout the year we offer several courses and training practices for tennis. Tennis courses either take 10 or 4 weeks. The 10 weeks courses run from October until Christmas (indoor), January until April (indoor) and April until June (outdoor). The shorter 4 weeks courses are in September (outdoor) and October (indoor). Each course is available at different times and at different levels. Subscription opens one month before the start of the course, and is available at the desk or online. Each time slot requires a minimum of 4 subscribers per course. In the event of less than 4 subscriptions, we’ll try to place participants at a different time slot.

Recreational free playing

In the summer period you can play on the outdoor clay tennis court. You can check the schedule of the court to see when it is free. Those are the times you can play recreationally. To do so, you need a SVU recreational playing card and you must make a reservation! You can buy the SVU recreational playing card (or ‘vrijspeelkaart’) at the desk of either one of our two locations. Making a reservation for the tennis court is possible up to 48 hours in advance, online or in person at the Uilenstede location (or by calling 020-5985090). Please have the names of all players. A desk attendant will check in the membership administration if all those players really have a SVU recreational card. It is possible to continue playing after one hour, but only if the court is not reserved by other people. Stick to the rules of the tennis court. Wear tennis shoes and proper clothing. Use the rakes provided by the court when you finish. Players who don’t comply with the above rules, will be excluded from their right of recreational playing, without restitution of their paid membership fees. But of course, we hope that won’t be the case and that you’ll have fun at the tennis court!

Private tennis practice

During the outdoor season (April until October) there is the possibility for private tennis practice. With your own trainer, or with a small group, at an hour that suits you best. For the options and further information, you can contact To subscribe please go to one of our locations. If you play in a group, the payment of the entire group has to be done at once.

Student tennis club SVU TeniSTA

SVU TeniSTA is the student tennis club of VU Sports Centre. They are located at the park of ALTC de Aemstelburgh, which is a 10-minute bike ride from the Vrije Universiteit. The tennis club combines tennis with social contact. A great way to meet new tennis mates! Would you like to play in a competitive league and enjoy the fun of a student sports club? Become a member of SVE TeniSTA!If you are a member of TeniSTA, you can participate in de September club training at location Aemstelburgh, free of cost. After that (October onwards) you can do the 10-week club course for 50 euros per course. The SVU TeniSTA club courses take place on Friday between 5 and 9 pm. The hours will be programmed, according to tennis levels. They are either at the Uilenstede location or ¨Tennispark Buitenveldert¨.Check for more information.

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