Everybody knows yoga, but Broga®!? It all comes down to yoga, but less woolly. Already a total hit in London, but this workout is also a great success in gyms throughout the Benelux. It was developed by American Football professional Matt Miller. He was looking for a unique yoga workout for men. Our Broga® instructors have all done the official training course, to be allowed to teach Broga®. This way you too can enjoy and experience the ultimate Broga® workout!

Broga® at VU Sports Centre

A physically intense training, aimed at improving flexibility and contributing to gaining strength, endurance and mobility.



This group class is relatively new in our schedule, but is very popular. Many employees and students of the VU participate in this workout at our VU Campus location in Amsterdam. The classes are taught on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is perfect to participate before, in between or after your lectures or job. Take a deep breath after a long day of work, or to let all the new study material sink in.


Broga® is designed based on the male anatomy. It is a physically intense training, aimed at improving flexibility. It also contributes to gaining strength, endurance and mobility. Broga® is aimed at diminishing injuries and improving results in other sports. For example, sports like running, CrossFit, lifting weights and swimming.

Broga® consists of 6 different, unique workouts, each one with a focus on a different group of muscles. New workouts are developed constantly.

Would you like to know even more about this workout, check the Facebook Page of Broga in the Netherlands or the official Broga website.


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