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We offer a wide range of different martial arts, for all levels. Well trained and very experienced trainers are ready to welcome you to their classes. You’ll find martial arts classes every day of the week. Choose from, amongst others, kick boxing, punch bag training, or something entirely different, like the centuries-old Capoeira.

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In the Amsterdam region, VU Sports Centre offers a wide range of different martial arts. The martial arts are all located at the Uilenstede location in Amstelveen. Some martial arts like Capoeira, Fencing and Wushu are found in one of the studios. Others are found at the second floor, where you’ll also find a boxing ring. The martial arts at the VU Sports Centre are all very different. Boxing and Kick Boxing are aimed at knocking out the opponent, whereas Capoeira is more about using to music to fight and is seen as an art form. The classes are taught by our highly trained and experienced trainers. One of them is Jerry Morris, tenfold world champion Muay Thai Boxing and Shidokan Karate. There are daily martial arts classes. Click here to find all group classes, amongst them the martial arts classes.


Our Uilenstede location in Amstelveen was recently renovated and now offers improved facilities. You’ll find three studios, allowing for more classes. Besides that, there are two changing rooms for women and men and there are plenty of lockers available. On the second floor a complete martial arts zone was built, consisting of a boxing ring and punch bags. It’s here, where the classes for boxing, kick boxing and Krav Maga take place. Other martial arts classes are in the studios.

You won’t need to bring anything to the classes, because everything you need, you’ll find on location. However, it is compulsory to bring your own towel and to wear suitable sportswear. Besides that, it is advisable to bring your own water(bottle).


Martial Arts classes at the VU Sports Centre are included in your all-in plan. If you don’t have a plan yet, you are more than welcome to try our sports portfolio in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, entirely free for one day! So, come and try it out! To do so, please register at the reception at either one of our two locations. Maximum one day pass per person.

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