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Okeanos is a rowing club/ society, which has its origin at the student society ´VU Corps´ in Amsterdam and was established on de 7th of November in the year 1957. The society is located at the ´Bosbaan´, the national rowing competition course in the ´Amsterdamse Bos´. You are welcome as a member of Okeanos if you are a student, no matter what university you study at. Besides that, at Okeanos, you can row at any level, from once a week up to competitive rowing. And last put not least, several committees make sure the ´student life vibe´ is well and alive throughout the year.

Once a year there is an introduction period, which starts in September. During this introduction period anyone can get a taste of what it is like to be a member at Okeanos. A small contribution is required.

The introduction period consists of:

  • Rowing twice a week, supervised and coached by experienced older member and coaches,
  • Every Thursday there is a dinner, after which a ´borrel´ (drinks) will follow and there won’t be any shortage of beer,
  • You’ll finish with completing an exam about rowing – both a theoretical and a practical exam.

Would you like more information about rowing at Okeanos? Please visit www.okeanos.nl

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