Other sports clubs

Do you want to play sports at a sports club or a sports union? In this list you can find numerous clubs and sports in the surroundings of Amsterdam and Amstelveen. All clubs are active in organizing training, courses, games, activities and a lot more.

Aikido – Chushin Dojo

American football – Amsterdam Panthers

Athletics – A.S.A.V. Aquila

Athletics – Phanos

Baseball/Softbal – Quick

Canoeing – KV Frisia

Cricket – VVV Cricket club

Dancing – SDV AmsterDance

Diving – Duikschool Divection

Diving – Studenten Duikvereniging Amsterdam

Fencing – SCA

Fifties rock ‘n roll dancing – Clandestien

Football – AMVJ

Football – FC Amsterdamse Bos

Funsports – D.E.R.M.

Golf – ASGV Shanky

Handball – AHC’31

Hockey – Hockeyclub AMVJ

Hockey – VVV

Hockey – HV Myra

Horse riding –  Manege de Ruif

Iceskating – SKITS!

Karate – Chakin Shiboro Dojo

Kitesurfing – Frank & Free

Korfball – S.K.V. Amsterdam

Korfball – KVA Korfbal

Kung fu – Poekoelan

Kyokushin Full Contact Karate – Maurya Amstelveen

Lacrosse – Amsterdam Lions

Rugby – A.S.R.V. ASCRUM Amsterdam

Rugby – Amstelveense Rugby Club

Speed cycling – SKITS!

Squash – S.C.H.I.E.T.

Table tennis – AMVJ Tafeltennis

Waterpolo – Jaws

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