TeniSTA is a student tennis club in Amsterdam which is supported by the VU Sports Centre en the ´Vrije Universiteit´. TeniSTA stands for the Spanish ´tenista´, which could translate to both a male of female tennis player and the letters STA are an abbreviation for Student Tennis Amsterdam. Since September 2016 you can find TeniSTA at the ALTC de Aemstelbrugh park. It is located at a 10-minute bike ride from the Vrije Universtiteit. We combine the sport with social interaction, allowing you to meet many new tennis mates.


Since September 2013, TeniSTA is a year-round tennis club, meaning you are free to play tennis year-round! In spring you’ll find a competitive league on Saturdays and Sundays. There are various levels competing; making it accessible for both beginners and advanced players. Each year, the technical committee looks at how the competitive teams are matched.

Besides that, it is possible to practice – at all levels.

Throughout the year there is a weekly toss (depending on the weather), starting at 7 PM: This is on Wednesday nights. And finally, several tournaments are organized. The absolute highlights are the TeniSTA OPEN Pentecost tournament and the club championship.

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Besides tennis, you’ll find many social activities being organized, like parties and drinks. These activities are organized by a committee of TeniSTA members that you could join too! Would you like to become a member of TeniSTA? Read more on www.tenista.nl


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