Padel at Sportcentrum VU

Padel is a racket and ball sport played on an enclosed court or cage.

It is played mainly with four players, where a ball, similar to a tennis ball, must be played with a racket over a net. Padel most closely resembles a combination of tennis and squash. The playing area is about 25% smaller than a tennis court.

In padel, the ball must be hit over the net onto the opponent's court without first touching any of the walls. The goal is to prevent the opponent(s) from hitting the ball back. If the ball hits the ground first and then the walls, however, it remains in play. This can cause long rallies. This makes tactics play an important role in padel. Strength is less important. The ball can keep coming back.

At Sportcentrum VU we do not have padel courts yet, but we have a partnership with Padel Mate Club Amstelveen. Upon showing your registration at Sportcentrum VU you can play padel for 50% of the normal price during off-peak hours.

How does this work?

  • The first time you go, you must register at Padel Mate Club. Then you pay the full rate (€15 for outdoor / €20 for indoor).
  • All subsequent times you can play during off-peak hours for 50% of the rate. Off-peak hours are Mon-Fri 08:00 - 16:00.
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