Subscribing for new tennis season

The cold is starting to disappaer, a little bit of sun is peaking through some clouds. People sigh, relieved because they feel Spring is in the air. And together with the arrival of Spring will arrive the outdoor sports season. YES! Subscribing for the new tennis lessons is possible again. We are looking forward to play on the outdoor courts again.

In the new season we offer different kinds of training and courses. Our tennis trainer Marielle tells: “When the sun comes out like this, I can’t wait to play outside and start training on the outdoor courts. We offer trainings for all kinds of levels, from beginning tennis players to more advanced. Ofcourse there will be cardio-tennis on the program again. SO much fun! A great training where you will not only be working on your tennis techniques but als on your physical condition.”

Cannot wait either to start playing again? Look for all the information and subscribing on the tennis-page.

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