Fitness rules

  • Every athlete must have a valid subscription
  • Wear clean sports clothing; working out without covering your upper or lower body is not allowed
  • Wear clean sports shoes
  • Using a towel is mandatory
  • Leave the material/ machines clean and dry after use
  • Follow the instructions of the instructor present
  • No bags, coats or unnecessary materials inside the room
  • VU Sports Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen
  • Costs for damage caused by the user, are recovered from the user concerned
  • Tidy up all materials after use
  • It is not allowed to throw or drop weights
  • It is not allowed to operate the sound equipment and / or televisions yourself
  • Children younger than 16 years of age aren’t allowed to enter the gym, unless instructed by the instructor and accompanied by an adult
  • No food or drinks in the gyms (except for a resealable water bottle)
  • It is not allowed to give personal training without permission

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