Futsal at Sportcentrum VU

The futsal competition of Sportcentrum VU is the largest in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

More than 130 teams play in the different classes for women, men, mixed or veterans. The futsal matches last 2x20 minutes and are played from Tuesday to Friday evening. On Thursday evening there is a separate competition with the futsal time of 2x25 minutes! The futsal competition is open to everyone, both students and non-students. Will you soon be champion with your team?

As of now, registration for the new indoor soccer season 2024/2025 is open again. The start is on: September 3, 2024 and the competition lasts until approx: February 8, 2025

Do not forget to complete the registration by buying the correct product (one product per team). The products are shown on the registration form


Futsal competition

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Zaalvoetbal bij Sportcentrum VU

In groups of 6 or 7 you compete for the coveted championship during the season. In all classes you win an official cup if you become champion with your team. There is also a prestigious main class and a separate class for veterans (Friday evening). In addition, there is a separate women's competition and a competition especially for mixed futsal teams. So something for everyone! Will you soon become champion of Amsterdam with your team?

Futsal rules

You play futsal at Sportcentrum VU according to the official Futsal rules (in Dutch). A team consists of at least 8 players. During the season you can register up to 14 players under your team name.

Match days, program and scores

The matches will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings in the two sports halls at Uilenstede in Amstelveen at Sportcentrum VU. A full season consists of two competition halves. After each half, the numbers 1 and 2 are promoted and the lowest 2 will be degraded. You have to register your team separately for both halves.

Costs futsal

Teams pay a rate of € 489 (regular competitions) / € 569 (Thursday/veterans) per half of the season and can register a maximum number of 14 players. There are no further costs associated with indoor football at Uilenstede.

More information and subscription

Are you excited to play futsal and would you like receive more information, send an email to the competition coordinator Sunny Schippers: s.a.l.schippers@vu.nl.

More information

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