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Sportcentrum VU brings people together

We have been doing this for more than half a century now. Because of the connection with the Vrije Universiteit, many VU students and VU employees exercise at Sportcentrum VU. However, a large part of our membership also consists of people without this connection. People from the Amstelveen neighbourhood and companies from the area are also welcome guests.

Quality and guidance at Sportcentrum VU

At the Sportcentrum VU, the following values are key: sporty, customer-oriented, accessible and connecting. We want to offer the best quality and guidance, at every level. Because of the close connection with science and especially exercise science, we are able to do so. For example, we have as much attention and fun coaching an individual athlete who comes to the gym twice a week, as we do the rowers who are aiming for Olympic gold. Our instructors understand perfectly that every achievement is a breakthrough, but also that each breakthrough can be different for each person.

The Sportcafe at Sportcentrum VU
Facilities of Sportcentrum VU

Currently we offer more than 35 different sports, from fitness to yoga and from futsal to boxing. Sportcentrum VU is a modern and multifunctional sports center, but at the same time social and cozy. We have two locations where you can play sports, at Uilenstede and at the VU Campus.

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