Fencing at Sportcentrum VU

Are you curious and do you want to learn how to fence? That's possible with us!

It is a classroom lesson that consists of a warm up, general exercises and specific fencing exercises. We end the lesson with a game. Fencing is done with a foil. That is a light-handled stabbing weapon with a blunt point. Training pants and indoor shoes are sufficient to participate. The fencing takes place in the studios at Uilenstede in Amstelveen.

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What is fencing?

Fencing has been an Olympic sport since 1896. In essence, it is about the duel of man or woman against another man or woman. Both opponents go to great lengths to eliminate each other. It's a dream scenario: fighting without damaging each other. This is because you wear a lot of protective clothing so that you are not damaged. When fencing you have three different weapons: epee, saber and foil. Fencing is an individual sport that you can practice from the age of six. With dedication and practice you can gradually improve your own game and style. For students, fencing offers a creative way to be sporty and disciplined in a combat situation with an opponent. Balance, speed and coordination and respect are key words, technical and tactical instruction is mixed with playful forms.

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All the necessary attributes, such as masks, weapons, vests and gloves, are available in the sports studios of VU Sports Centre. It is important that you wear good, supportive indoor sports shoes and comfortable sports clothing. It is also advisable to bring a drinking bottle and a towel for sweating.

Please note: The use of a towel is mandatory at VU Sports Centre, with all group lessons and in the fitness.


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