Sports hall rental at Sportcentrum VU

Rent a sports hall at Sportcentrum VU

It is possible to rent (part of) our location for one or more hours or a day(s) in the Amsterdam area. Two large sports halls and three sports studios are available for rent. By looking at the class schedule of location Uilenstede you can see if the desired studio is available at the desired time. Please send an e-mail to our coördinator with you inquery to make sure the desired hall or studio is available.

Discount on the rent
To qualify for a discount on the regular rent (per hour), at least 50% of the tenants must be students at one of the national universities with which VU has a convernant.
If this is the case, 50% of the students will have to prove that they are actually studying at the university in question. To prove this, you have to go to reception or this will be indicated when applying for the rental.

HBO students studying in the Amsterdam region are also eligible for discounted rent.

A sports hall can be rented as a whole, but also as a part

Sportcentrum VU has two large sports halls at its disposal. A sports hall can be rented as a whole, but also as a part. Both sports halls can be divided into different parts. Examples of sports that can be played in the sports hall are: basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, indoor soccer, indoor field hockey and many more. It is important to know that Sportcentrum VU cannot provide all materials.

Sports hall at Sportcentrum VU

Sportcentrum VU has three studios available. The studios can only be rented as a whole. These studios can also be booked in combination with workshops or demonstrations. Examples are pole dancing, zumba, pilates. Look here for a complete overview.

All these locations are at the Uilenstede location in Amstelveen.

Uilenstede 100
1183 AM Amstelveen

Click here for current opening hours.

More information

Would you like to know more about the rental of the sports halls or studios, or do you have a specific question? Please contact Michael Arentsen.

More information

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