Tennis at Sports Centre VU

VU Sports Center offers excellent opportunities for tennis

Summer and winter we have different courses at every level. In the summer we also offer private lessons during the day. You can also rent a court through the client portal, the available timeslots can be seen in the portal.

Make sure you see the correct rate (student or regular) before purchasing the course. If you are a student and do not see the student rate, please come to the Sports Center front desk to register as a student before purchasing a course. If it is later found that a refund is needed due to paying the wrong amount, an administrative fee will be charged.

The tennis program takes place at Tennispark Buitenveldert or at Sportcentrum VU in the hall. Tennispark Buitenveldert is one of the nicest tennis parks in Amsterdam, within walking distance of the Vrije Universiteit.

Trainers Mariëlle Spekreijse and Borre Diesbergen give the tennis lessons in a pleasant and informal atmosphere. They have a KNLTB-A or -B license.

Start of the trainings

Tennis 2024

The September tenniscourses will go on sale on August 1 through the customer portal. The lessons start at the beginning of September.
The lessons will be given at Tennispark Buitenveldert.

NB.1 All courses will start with 4 registrations per course. In case of less than four registrations, an attempt will be made to place participants at another time.
NB.2 In case of cancellation due to weather conditions, Sports Center VU guarantees that (maximum) 1 lesson with the 4-weel course and 2 lessons with the 10-week course will be made up. If more than the mentioned lessons are cancelled, this will be at the risk of the participants.


Tennisles bij Sportcentrum VU

All tennis levels explained

The training is given at different levels. The levels are described below as we use them for the training sessions.

Level distributions:

  • Beginners: never had a lesson.
  • Level 10: Beginner off and can already play a bit of a rally (of about 10 strokes) from the baseline with the basic strokes, FH and BH and Service.
  • Level 9/8: can maintain a rally of at least 10 tricks with all tricks (Service, Baseline and Netplay), and maintains this stability reasonably well when the tricks are combined (as in the game situation increase + netplay), but still has little to no experience playing games.
  • Level 7: You have experience playing official matches in competition and tournaments and you are in possession of a KNLTB rating 7.
  • Level 6/5: You have a lot of experience playing competitions and tournaments and you have a KNLTB rating of 5 or 6.
  • Cardio tennis: is a group training on the tennis court, with about 10 participants, aimed at hitting a lot of balls in different situations. In addition, additional exercises with your own body weight, all aimed at improving tennis skills and physical fitness. But most of all, it's a lot of fun!

When you are not sure for which level you can subscribe, then contact us.

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