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Awareness and relaxation give our busy lives the counterbalance. That sounds logical, but how do you achieve that?

Yoga is an ancient life philosophy which fits very well into our contemporary, Western way of life. Yoga is definitely not woolly, nor is it difficult. You don't need a body made of elastic or to be able to stand on your head. It's about feeling comfortable, learning to relax and finding a balance between strength and relaxation.

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In our classes we pay much attention to breathing techniques and relaxation exercises.

At Sportcentrum VU you can practice different forms of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. Most yoga classes are held in one of the studios at the Uilenstede location of Sportcentrum VU in Amstelveen. In the class schedule you can see which form of yoga that class is.

Everyone is welcome to yoga.

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Hatha yoga

This is a quiet form with more static postures to gain mastery over mind and body. This is the best known form of yoga in the West. Hatha is less dynamic than the Vinyasa class. The class is powerful and intense as well as quiet and still. The classic more static yoga postures are brought together in a dynamic series. Class begins and ends with a short meditation that includes focusing the mind.

Vinyasa yoga

This is a movement form where breathing exercises and meditations play a major role. Proper breathing and meditation will bring you more peace, relaxation and energy. This will make you feel good about yourself!

Yin yoga

This form has a restorative effect on every level. These are perfect classes for beginners, but also for people with diseases or injuries and for anyone who wants to keep it simple.
Unlike the other forms, this form uses deep and full breathing for extended periods in postures. Classes end with a guided meditation. Yin yoga restores health, increases healing and brings peace and quiet to the mind.

Yoga Dance

Yoga Dance blends the essence of yoga with the expressiveness of dance, offering not just a dance experience but also integrating the profound benefits of yoga. Moreover, it is renowned for being an intense workout that is simultaneously enjoyable, relaxing, and non-competitive.

The structure of the class commences with a yoga flow designed to prepare the body with stretching and strengthening exercises. Subsequently, we delve into choreographies inspired by various dance styles. We conclude the session with a soothing cooling-down yoga flow, drawing inspiration from the principles of yin yoga to balance energy and induce relaxation.

This experience is perfect for yoga enthusiasts seeking to deepen their practice as well as those looking to enhance their dance skills. Everyone interested in exploring the synergy between yoga and dance is warmly invited to join!

What do you need?

It is important that you bring a sports mat and wear comfortable sportswear. It is also advisable to bring a water bottle and a towel for sweating. Note: The use of a towel is mandatory at Sportcentrum VU, in all group classes and in the fitness.

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Do you want to further specialize in the field of Yoga? Then our Yin Yoga Teacher Training is for you!

Immerse yourself in the energetic concept of Yin Yoga for four weekends.

You will learn various aspects from the topics below:

  • Yin Yoga Anatomy
  • Energy concept with a Yoga Perspective
  • Energy concept with a Chinese Perspective
  • Yin Yoga Teaching Foundation

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