On this page we post frequently asked questions.
Is there a question not listed? Send an e-mail to info@sportcentrumvu.nl.

Questions about subscriptions/courses
Can I freeze or terminate my subscription if injured?

A request can be made to freeze the subscription after consultation and proof regarding the injury.
Please send the request by email to: info@sportcentrumvu.nl.

Can I stop my subscription when I go on vacation?

No, the subscription cannot be stopped when you go on vacation.

Can I stop my subscription if I move?

Yes, this can be done provided you move at least 10km away from the Sports Center.
Proof of relocation must be provided at the front desk or via e-mail. 

When do I qualify for the student rate?

All WO, HBO, MBO students can come and play sports for the student rate. 
When purchasing your first season ticket, you must show at the front desk that you are a student.
Please note: minimum age is 16 years. 

I do not see the student rate when I want to buy a subscription, how can I see it?

Stop by the Sports Center to show that you are a student (e.g.: log into canvas).
We will adjust the category and you can buy a season ticket at the student rate.

Every year in August we adjust the categories of students to category 3 - regular prices - and you have to prove again at the counter that you are a student and are eligable for student prices.

I signed up for a tennis course but afterwards I can't make it. Will I get my money back?

According to the Terms and Conditions, you can withdraw from the course within 14 days of purchase without giving a reason.

The paid course fee can be refunded through the Sports Center (info@sportcentrumvu.nl) or you can leave it as a credit in your account and use it for later purchases.

Can I take a trial class at the Sports Center?

For students studying in Amsterdam (show proof) a free day pass is available (one time only).
If you are not studying in Amsterdam, a day pass can be purchased for € 8.50 (student) or € 12.50 (non-student).

Questions about fitness / group classes
What are the regulations for using the fitness facilities?
  • Always bring a towel.
  • Wear sportswear and athletic shoes (no outdoor shoes).
  • Be considerate of your fellow athletes when using the equipment.
  • Other regulations can be found here.
Which group classes do I need to make reservations for?

Reservations are only required for Pole Dancing, Spinning and Spin&Shape, the reserved spot is valid until 5 minutes before the class starts.

After that, anyone can/may use the unclaimed spots.

What do I need at group classes?

Many materials are provided in the studio except for a mat. Bring your own mat when exercises are done on the floor. 
At Yoga, it is even mandatory to bring a mat for safety reasons. 

What do I need in martial arts training?

Boxing gloves and shin guards can be borrowed, they are available in the studio.
You have to bring your own tok and bit, especially for sparring.
Not all classes include sparring, ask the instructor what you can do if you do not want to spar.   

What is the level of group classes?

All levels are welcome unless otherwise stated in the description on our site. 

Questions about the App of the Sportcentre
Where can I download the Sportcentre VU app?

For android: Click here for Android
For IOS: Click here for IOS

I downloaded the app but when I log in I get an error message, now what?

You may be listed in our database with a different email address.
Please contact our front desk info@sportcentrumvu.nl or stop by the front desk at OZW or Uilenstede.

Do I need to create a new account once I download the app?

No, if you have a subscription with VU Sports Center you automatically have an account. The login name is the email address you used to create an account.
If you don't remember the password please create a new one at: https://portal.sportcentrumvu.nl/pages/forgot-password

I have a valid subscription, how can I scan the QR code to access the Sports Center?

You can scan the QR code by first installing the sports center's APP, then you have to log in and you can use the "scan" button at the bottom of the app to scan the QR code. 

I lost my password to log into the portal / APP, what to do?

In the login screen there is a link to request a new password. This will be sent to the email address you are registered with. 

Other questions
How can I rent a hall?

Send mail to info@sportcentrumvu.nl with the day, time and which hall you want to rent and what activity you want to do there.

Get an invoice of your subscription

It is now possible to print the invoice of your subscription yourself.
When you login to the customer portal: https://portal.sportcentrumvu.nl/

Then click in your name at the top right of your screen.

  • Choose: My Shopping
  • Choose: Orders
  • Look up the latest subscription and click on: details
  • Then click on: Order extract

The invoice is the created as a .pdf which you can download on your device.

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