Ballsports at Sportscentre VU

At Sportcentrum VU you will find an extensive range of ball sports in the Amsterdam region

You can come to us for basketball, beach volleyball and volleyball. We also offer competitions for indoor hockey and futsal.

Spotcentrum VU offers a number of ball sports, both individual ball sports and team sports. You can play the ball sports activities at a recreational level, but also other competitions where you can play against other teams with your team. Most ball sports take place in the two sports halls on Uilenstede at Amstelveen.

In the sports halls at Uilenstede we offer indoor hockey and futsal. You play matches on fixed days and afterwards you can all have a drink in the Sportcafé to end the match in a nice way!

For basketball and volleyball you have training all year round (with the exception of the summer holidays). For the volleyball you sign up via SVU volleyball. You can purchase a separate subscription for basketball via the customer portal.

Beach volleyball is always organized on the VU campus in the open air.

Join the Sportcentrum VU?

Call: +31205985090


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