Advice and guidance on nutrition

Do you need advice and guidance in the area of nutrition?

Also then you can go to Sportcentrum VU. We have a dietician at our location in Uilenstede where you can book a consultation to work together on your goals.

Independent dietitian at DieetPlaneet

I am Saskia Peters, independent dietician at DieetPlaneet and from now on I work at this sporty location. With a lot of positivity, enthusiasm and passion I help you optimize your diet and lifestyle. I will make you a customized plan and together we will work on your (achievable) goals.

dietician at Sportcentrum VU

I help you with:

being overweight, underweight, nutritional advice for sports, gastrointestinal problems, vegetarian or vegan diet, high cholesterol, high blood pressure (hypertension), pregnancy, diabetes and other questions about nutrition.

Make an appointment?
  • Online via our super convenient online booking system, an appointment with the dietitian can be made at any time at
  • By phone on 088 34 38 000. Our telephone operators are available every working day between 9.00-18.00
  • With e-mail. The mail is monitored throughout the day and therefore quickly answered.

I am present on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (8.00-13.00) at location Uilenstede of Sportcentrum VU.  Consultations are possible both in Dutch and in English.

Make an appointment

Costs and compensation

The dietary guidance is reimbursed in many cases. For further information see our website.

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