Beachvolleyball at Sportcentrum VU

We have 3 beach volleyball courts that are located at the VU Campus

You can rent one of the courts.

Rent a beachvolleyball field

The rules

  • Reservations must be made (online) to use the field
  • No waste on the fields
  • The nets are adjustable with an Allen key, but should be handled with care. The nets must at all times be attached to the correct hooks and no extra knots in the ropes.

Sportcentrum VU keeps the fields tidy, but also asks participants to leave the fields tidy and ready to play for the others after use. This way we can all switch quickly and start playing immediately. Please bring your own volleyball, because VU Sports Center will not lend balls.



Everyone who uses the fields must ensure that the field is left tidy. After each use, the field must be tightened again with the rake, so that the next users immediately have a good passable field. If it has not been leveled for you, this must be passed on so that we can keep track of whether or not it is done. Preparing the field for the people who come after you must be done during your reservation time.

Sportcentrum VU also maintains the fields on a daily basis. With your help we keep the fields neat and clean, so we can enjoy beach volleyball for months to come! And who doesn't want that? So please cooperate. Thanks in advance!


The fields are available to anyone who would like to use them. The more people participate, the more fun it is! So pass it on to friends, acquaintances who would like a game of beach volleyball!


There is a fixed price per hour for renting the field, you can find this in the portal.

Reserving the fields

You can reserve fields via You must have or create an account at After that you can put 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours in your shopping cart for the individual requests for the fields. Payment is also made here.

  • Max reservations per day: 1
  • Max reservations per period: 4 per 7 days
  • Time before the slot can be reserved: 14 days
  • Time before booking can still be canceled: 24 hours


If you have any remarks or questions, you can send an email to the beach volleyball coordinator Anouk via

Rent a beachvolleyball field

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