Pole dancing at Sportcentrum VU

Pole dancing is a challenging form of exercise, without heavy weights or boring treadmills

It can rightfully be called a functional full-body workout. More importantly, it is a fun workout, a great way to get stronger and fitter. There are many different forms such as expressing a song during the workout, pole fitness (hardcore techniques), pole-art (use pole dancing as a form of art) and floorwork (sensual movements on the floor and around the pole).

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Pole dancing is very intense and can be considered a sport. Pole dancing is a full body workout; every muscle in your body will be trained, but especially your core, arms and legs. Flexibility, coordination and balance will also improve, not to mention endurance. These are just the physical benefits, there are also many psychological benefits to mention.

What do i need?

The poles for this class are available in studio 2 of Sportcentrum VU, location Uilenstede. It is important that you wear comfortable sportswear. It is also advisable to bring a water bottle and a towel for sweating. Note: The use of a towel is obligatory at Sportcentrum VU, in all group classes and in the fitness.

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