Volleyball at SVU

Student volleyball Amsterdam

SVU Volleyball is the largest student volleyball association in Amsterdam. We are active in the Nevobo competition with eight women’s and four men’s teams. The association also has a 9th women’s team and 5th men’s team that train at a starting level.

After the training sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings, there is always room for some fun in the Sports Café. Many SVU'ers can be found there after training, for a drink with other SVU'ers. There are also many different activities so that the fun is stimulated even more.

By students, for students; at SVU Volleyball you play with peers only. Of course that includes a lot of fun and beers! SVU Volleybal has no fewer than 18 different committees that ensure that there is no dull moment throughout the year! We have a night tournament, an international tournament, but we also go on winter sports or surf camps together.

All these great events ensure that the association has a large group of members who are closely connected to SVU Volleyball. In addition, SVU Volleyball also has the honor of holding a Guinness World Record since early 2017 by playing a 101-hour volleyball game!

Due to the student character of SVU Volleybal, we can welcome new volleyball students every year and unfortunately also say goodbye to former students. This makes SVU Volleybal a dynamic club, where nobody ever stands still and every year is something different than previous years.

In short, plenty of reasons to take a look at SVU Volleyball. Do you want to become a member? Read more at www.svuvolleybal.nl.

Vrouwen spelen volleybal
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