Indoor Hockey at Sportcentrum VU

Indoor hockey has become very popular in recent years

Sportcentrum VU has been offering the opportunity to participate in the SVU indoor hockey competition in Amstelveen for five years now. This is an internal competition where mainly students compete against each other in mixed teams. The 'mixed teams' are particularly striking in this regard, because you are obliged to have at least two women on the field at the time of play. Indoor hockey is a new variant that involves optimal team play. Everyone is welcome here!


The first indoor hockey competition takes place on Monday evenings from October to January. The second competition takes place from February to May. Both are in the sports halls at Uilenstede in Amstelveen.

The rules of the indoor hockey league

The following rules apply to the indoor hockey competition:

  • Teams consist of a minimum of 9 registered players;
  • Teams consist of both men and women;
  • Players must be at least 17 years old;
  • You play 5 against 5, without a goalkeeper;
  • At the time of play there must be at least 2 women on the field;
  • There are always two referees per match;
  • The game is largely played according to the indoor hockey rules of the KNHB.
Zaalhockey bij Sportcentrum VU

Indoor Hockey game date

To be announced


Indoor hockey is played with indoor hockey sticks. Loaner sticks are available at the indoor hockey competition table.

Subsribe to the indoor hockey league

The first fourteen teams to complete the registration (including payment) are guaranteed a place in the competition. The team captains register the team via a registration form and make a team payment of 429 euros per half of the competition online. Please note, the registration is not complete until payment has been made!

Register here!

Don't have a team or do you have any questions? Send an email to If there are enough individual registrations, we will form a team. But if there are too many registrations, the other teams will be placed on a reserve list, of which these teams will receive a separate message.

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