Kickboxing at Sportcentrum VU

Kickboxing is a full body workout that builds up a good level of fitness

In addition, you increase the flexibility of your muscles and you become more confident of yourself. Due to the real combat aspect of this sport, the full contact, different techniques in punches and kicks also improve your reflexes and speed. Which is also a huge plus of this martial art that not only improves your condition and strength, but also your core is automatically strengthened by this sport.

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Bag & weight training and bag training are also offered.

Bag&Weight Training is a unique class that combines the benefit of Kickboxing and weight training. The result is a workout with lots of variety and challenge. Because you determine your own weight and intensity, you will be challenged at your own level. You are ultimately always in control! However, you get a fantastic challenge from our trainer!

Bag training is a particularly intensive workout in which you work on your boxing techniques. By using the punching bags you gain experience in the different kicks and punches that occur in kickboxing. You experiment with power and speed, and you feel the way your punches hit the punching bag.

Man doet aan kickboksen bij Sportcentrum VU

Kickboxing lessons

Sportcentrum VU offers different types of classes: kickboxing, full contact or technique and bag training. Several parts are used in one lesson. You can always ask the trainer which training best suits your training goals. The training courses are accessible to all levels; from beginner to advanced. The lessons are in the studios on location Uilenstede. A training always consists of a combination of technique training and punch/kicks with cushions. Due to different objectives, the precise interpretation per lesson will be determined by the teacher.

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Muay Thai, advanced kickboxing.

If you would like to advance a level, join the Muay Thai classes!

What do you need?

The gloves and shin guards are available in the sports studios of Sportcentrum VU, location Uilenstede. Wearing a mouthguard, bandages and a groin guard is recommended. It is important that you wear comfortable sportswear. It is also advisable to bring a drinking bottle and a towel for sweating. Please note: The use of a towel is mandatory at Sportcentrum VU, with all group lessons and in the fitness.

Tip: if kickboxing is your sport, we recommend that you buy your own gloves and shin guards.


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