Spinning at Sportcentrum VU

Spinning is a workout on state-of-the-art, elegant bikes

It is a fitness training of the purest kind: no bells and whistles and no choreography. There is no escape: you do it all by yourself i.e. your legs, your heart and lungs, your own condition! You don't have to be in good shape to participate in spinning. On the contrary, you can do spinning at your own level. With the resistance button you determine the heaviness of your own training.

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Spinning classes

Spinning is an individual workout in a group to the beats of uplifting music. You determine the intensity of the lesson. Because you can determine the resistance of your spinning bike yourself. The lesson has a build-up with warming-up, alternating sprints, climbing, standing and sitting bikes. At the end of the lesson there is a cooling-down with stretching. A spinning class is the ultimate way to work on your fitness. The workout is fun, varied and very intensive but accessible to athletes of all levels.

It is advisable to make an online reservation for spinning classes, so you can be sure of a place. Online reservations can be made from 5 days in advance, 2 future reservations can be made. After taking a spin class, another reservation can be made the next day.

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Spinning at Sportcentrum VU
Rhythm Ride

As the name suggests, Rhythm Ride is mainly about the rhythm of the music! Where the exercises we do on the bike are linked to the rhythm of the music. This dynamic indoor cycling experience focuses on improving your endurance, strength and coordination. By combining intense cardio exercises and the power of music, you will not only be physically challenged, but also mentally recharged. With the resistance knob on the spin bike, you control the intensity of this workout. Although the choreography is optional during this class, you will be challenged and motivated to find and push your own limits. A great workout to improve your physical and mental condition!

What do you need?

The spinning bikes are available in the sports studio of Sportcentrum VU. For this class it is important that you wear good, supportive indoor sports shoes or cycling shoes with a click system (spd) and comfortable sports clothing. Cycling shorts are recommended. It is also advisable to bring a water bottle and a towel for sweating. Tip: Use a second towel under the bike, it saves cleaning up at the end of the lesson.
Note: The use of a towel is mandatory at Sportcentrum VU, in all group classes and in the fitness area.

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