Please note

Around 15-8-2024, students will have to show that they are students at the front desk when purchasing a subscription for student prices.
Please come to the front desk of the Sports Centre before purchasing the subscription. Show us proove that you are a student by showing, for example, your registration or logging into Canvas.
Showing your student ID card is not sufficient.

Only if you have done the above will you be eligible for the student rate when purchasing a subscription.

Subscriptions at Sportcentrum VU

On this page you will find an overview of all subscriptions for the fitness, group classes and martial arts

It is possible to buy a subscription online in the customer portal. You can also purchase a subscription at one of our Sportcentrum VU locations. The subscription you buy will take effect immediately. It is not possible to have subscriptions start at a later time.

Is this your first time as a student? Then you can work out at a reduced rate! Make sure you show us your proof of registration (online purchase of a student season ticket is only possible after we have checked your proof of registration). Students have to prove that they are still a student at the beginning of each academic year.

Types of subscriptions

An all-in subscription gives you unlimited access to the gym. You can also participate in all group classes and sports. The exceptions to this are: competitive volleyball, competitive basketball, tennis, indoor hockey competition, indoor soccer competition and ice skating. For these exceptions and a number of other sports, individual subscriptions are available.

With an off-peak subscription you can visit us from Monday to Friday until 15.30 hours. Within these times you can use the gym or participate in one of our group classes. With an off-peak + subscription you have the same options as an off-peak subscription, but you can also work out on Saturdays and Sundays.

Are you a student? Then you can exercise at a reduced rate!
If you want to exercise at a reduced rate come to the Sports Center to show that you are a student before purchasing a subscription.


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