Boxing at Sportcentrum VU

Boxing is a sport for everyone in which physical aspects play an important role

But the mental side is also important in boxing, for example quickly predicting and reacting to situations under stress plays a major role. Boxing isn't just trying to hurt each other, it's a sport of mutual respect. Want an all-body workout, learn to defend yourself, or just throw out your frustrations? Then come along for a boxing lesson.

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Are you putting on your boxing gloves for the first time or do you already have years of boxing experience? At VU Sports Center there is room for boxers of every level and age. In the timetable you can see when lessons are given at which level. The boxing lessons will be given in a studio on location Uilenstede.

Bag training at Sportcentrum VU

Bag training is a perfect workout: you build up your fitness and muscle strength, so that you get a strong and toned body. It is ideal for weight loss, but it also makes you more resilient and self-confident.
These workouts pay extra attention to cardio and strength. It is therefore a good addition to technique lessons or a fun way to do an intense workout in an hour. Try boxing, bag training and kickboxing classes all and see what suits you. The trainer can help you to see which training best suits your training goals.
Athletes of all levels are welcome in the bag training classes, whether you are a novice or experienced boxer. The combination of fitness and strength training makes the classes very accessible and because you work in pairs, everyone can determine his/her own level.
The lessons are led by our expert trainer Jane.

Boksen bij Sportcentrum VU

What do you need?

The boxing gloves and punching bags are available in the sports studios of VU Sports Centre. It is important that you wear comfortable sportswear. It is also advisable to bring a drinking bottle and a towel for sweating. Please note: The use of a towel is mandatory at VU Sports Centre, with all group lessons and in the fitness.

Tip: if boxing is your sport, we recommend that you buy your own equipment.


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