Sports Centre VU stands for a safe (sports) environment for all its members, visitors and employees. We follow the guidelines set out by the NOC*NSF.

Social safety is a prerequisite for being able to study, work or play sports properly and contributes to the well-being of students, employees and local residents. As an open and hospitable environment, the Sports Centre VU does not tolerate discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment or other behaviour that goes against our values. Nevertheless, undesirable behaviour does occur. Do you experience unsafe behaviour? Report it. You can also do so anonymously.

Examples of behaviour that can be reported to the Social Safety Hotline are bullying, discrimination, (online) misconduct, domestic or honour-related violence, stalking, prolonged persistent complaining behaviour (this is a form of stalking), confused behaviour that causes unsafety, (sexual) intimidation, sexual violence, physical or verbal abuse, threats, suicide problems. Read below how to make a report.

Would you like to discuss your story with someone instead of making a report straight away? That is also possible. You can make an appointment with the central staff confidential counsellor via Your message will be treated confidentially.

The VU’s central confidential counsellors are Sandaj Bhulai and Mariëlle Rozemond. As a staff member or athlete of the SVU, you can also contact them.

Sandjai Bhulai

“The Vrije Universiteit has a special place in my life: I studied here, obtained my PhD here and have been working at the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Science since 2003. I am a professor of Business Analytics and have been appointed as a staff trustee since 2018. Because of my position, I know very well what is going on in research, and what effect that can have on the perception of work. I hope to be able to put this knowledge to good use so that everyone at VU can have the experience of a safe and enjoyable workplace.”

T: 020 59 87 679

Mariëlle Rozemond

“I have been working for the Arbo & Milieu department of the VU for 30 years as an ARBO advisor and trainer. Since 2007 I have been appointed confidential advisor for employees and PhD candidates within the VU. In this capacity, I am also part of the social safety expert team within the VU. I notice that in recent years a lot of work has been done to increase social safety within the VU. It can often be very helpful to share your story confidentially with someone at an early stage and try to solve it on a small scale. Feel welcome. As a confidential counsellor, I speak to about 30 employees a year.”

T: 020 59 89008/ 89010

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