Want to play recreationally, or at a competitive level? VU Sports Centre caters for each type of volley ball player. Besides recreational practice there is also a student volleyballclub: SVU Volleybal. They play matches, but are also very active when it comes to tournaments, parties and weekend trips.

Volleybal at VU Sports centre

Playing at SVU Volleyball is an unforgettable experience! The competition offers a lot of well-playing opponents, it's great fun and the club organizes a lot of activities like the 24-hour tournament and the Night tournament.


At the VU Sports Centre you can choose three types of volleyball. You can play recreationally or competitively indoor, and outdoor you can play beach volleyball in Amsterdam.


These training practices are excellent for people who have not (yet) mastered the basics of volley ball, and who would like to learn the techniques. But also if you’ve already mastered the technique you are welcome to participate. Just keep in mind that the level is not that high. Recreational practice takes places once a week and is accessible for players of all levels. Recreational volley ball is included in the all-in-membership, so you can participate in the training practice without additional costs. You could also buy a separate volley ball plan. Check the schedule to see when the recreational training practice takes place exactly.


Anyone who would like to train more frequently than once a week, can subscribe in the volleyball club of the VU Sports Centre.

SVU Volleybal is the biggest student volley ball club of Amsterdam. They have eight women’s teams and four men’s teams playing in the Nevobo legue. Besides their competitive league, they are also very active in organizing parties and tournaments. Each year, for example, there is an international tournament, and a night tournament just for students. They also organize an introduction weekend, winter sport, gala and much more! Check the website of the club for more information.

Would you like to sign up to play in a competitive team? Send an email to tc@svuvolleybal.nl The ´technical commission´ will invite you to join a practice when a spot opens in one of the teams.


On the VU Campus you will find three beach volley fields which are part of the VU Sports centre. You can reserve those fields for free. If you want to make a reservation, you can do so via VU Sports Centre: beach@sportcentrumvu.nl
Every year in late spring, (May and June) SVU Volleybal organizes a beach volley ball competition. You’re welcome to participate if you are not a member of the club too.

Check the website of the club for more information.


Would you like to try volley ball? No problem – all new members can try one day of activities from our sports portfolio, entirely free! To do so, please register at the desk at either one of our two locations. Maximum of one free day pass per person.


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