Want to train in a beginner's team or play volleyball at a competitive level? VU Sports Centre offers something for each type of volleyball player. The student volleyball association SVU Volleybal not only offers training from the beginning to promotion classes and competition matches, but is also very active in the field of volleyball tournaments, parties and weekends away.

Volleybal at VU Sports centre

Playing at SVU Volleyball is an unforgettable experience. The competition offers a lot of well-playing opponents, it's great fun and above all, the association organizes numerous activities such as the night tournament, the international tournament, and winter sports.


Wherever your volleyball ambitions lie, at VU Sports Center you have come to the right place. At the Uilenstede location in Amstelveen, there are training sessions every week in the trainingfields on Monday evenings and Wednesday evenings, depending on the level of the team. Instead of registering for a whole year, you can also choose to register with SVU Volleyball in the spring to play beach volleyball in the summer on the beach volleyball fields of the VU Campus in Amsterdam.


SVU Volleybal is the largest student volleyball association in Amsterdam. They are active in the Nevobo competition with eight women’s and four men’s teams. The association also has a 9th women’s team and 5th men’s team that train at a starting level.

In addition to the competition, they are also very active in organizing tournaments and parties. Every year there is an International Tournament and a Night Tournament. They also organize an intro weekend, winter sports, a gala and much more. Check out the association’s website for more information.

Do you want to sign up for a team at SVU Volleybal? Unfortunately all teams are full for this season. In January you will be able to sign up again for next season. More information will follow on our website by then.


On the VU Campus in Amsterdam there are three beach volleyball courts managed by VU Sports Center. Do you want to reserve a field? You can do so via the portal.

In the early summer (May & June), SVU Volleybal organizes beach volleyball training sessions and competitions every year. You can also participate if you are not a member of the association. For more information, visit the association’s website . Click here for more information about beach volleyball.


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