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VU Sports Centre offers a wide range of group classes. You can choose from 35 different sports. A small selection of the portfolio: Essentrics, Pilates, Broga and Yoga, but also Pole Dancing and Zumba!

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Both VU Sports Centre in Amsterdam and Amstelveen offer a wide range of group lessons. For example, the well-known Spinning and Zumba, but also lesser known lessons like Broga and Raynetics. In total we offer 16 group lessons, so you’ll always find one to your liking. Almost all group classes are taught at the Uilenstede location in Amstelveen, except for Broga. This group lesson takes place on the VU Campus in the OZW building. Broga is very popular amongst students and VU employees alike. This group lesson is always during lunch hours or at the end of the work day. Click here to check the Broga time table.


On the Uilenstede location in Amstelveen, the VU Sports Centre offers great facilities for the group classes. Recently, three studios were renovated. Besides that, there are two changing rooms for women and men and there are plenty of lockers available. You won’t need to bring anything for the group classes, everything you need, you’ll find on location, including exercise mats, although you are more than welcome to bring you own.

However, it is compulsory to bring your own towel and to wear indoor sport shoes. Furthermore, we advise you to bring a bottle of water and wear suitable sportswear.

On the Uilenstede location, you’ll find many different group classes. For example, there are some that use a bike, you can dance to music or in some classes we use weights. There are also group classes which are inspired by martial arts. Click on the time table for Uilenstede to get an idea of all the group classes available.


Group classes at the VU Sports Centre are included in your all-in plan. If you don’t have a plan yet, you are more than welcome to try our sports portfolio in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, entirely free for one day! So, come and try it out! To do so, please register at the reception at either one of our two locations.

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