Intensity goes back to basics and throws all fitness equipment overboard to work with limited resources, but with lots of variety and creativity. We combine strength training, exercising with your own bodyweight calisthenics and running.

Intensity at VU Sports centre

Intensity is for a reason the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and military special units. Come in and experience it yourself!


Intensity is the principal strength and physical fitness practice for many police academies and military special units for a reason; This program is designed to get in the best shape, as quick as possible. This group class takes place at one of the studios at location Uilenstede in Amstelveen.

Intensity bij Sportcentrum VU


The classes consist of interval training, where cardio and strength exercises are quickly alternated. The short breaks in between the exercises are just enough to take a few deep breaths before continuing, so there will be maximum effort required. You are working out with your own body and therefor own body weight. The classes focus on fat burning and resistance training. There is a big variation in classes and you won’t be making use of weights or complex choreographies. This way you’ll increase muscle, flexibility and maximal fat burning rate.


All weights and Dynabands are provided by the sports centre. You have to bring your own sports mat. We recommend you to wear comfortable, solid indoor sports shoes, which are not worn outside and wear comfortable clothes. Bringing a bottle of water might be convenient, bringing a towel is obligated at VU Sports centre. Not using a towel in our fitness and group lessons is prohibited, our instructors are allowed to refuse you acces to the VU Sports centre.

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