Probably everyone has played badminton on a campsite or at the beach once or twice. You try to keep the shuttle in the air for as long as possible. This is obviously different from badminton as a sport. In that case the objective is to get the shuttle on the ground of your opponent.

It results in an attractive sport to play and to watch! With the right stroke technique, good fitness level and smart tactics you will get that done. Badminton is a fun sport for everyone. Badminton is particularly popular in many Asian countries like China, Vietnam and Malaysia. It is a set part of the program of the Olympics too. All you need is a racket, a shuttle, an opponent and a net. Please see the rooster below when you can play badminton in our sport halls.

Badminton at VU Sports Centre

With the right stroke technique, good fitness level and smart tactics you will manage to beat your opponent.

Badminton at the VU Sports Centre

Unfortunately, the VU Sports Centre doesn´t offer practice trainings for badminton. But there is a big group of fanatic players, who play matches every weekend. This is only possible when the sports hall is free. Would you like to check the level they play at and get in touch with this group? Feel free to stop by whenever the hall is not used. You can check this on the schedule of the sport halls. You could also ring the desk to inquire if there are badminton players present. That way you are sure you won´t encounter an empty hall without badminton players.

To participate in playing you need to have a valid membership. If you have an all-in membership, there is no need to buy an additional membership. You can buy an all-in membership for a longer period, for example a year. You could also buy a day pass every time you go. Please note: if badminton can not take place because the sports hall is rented, we can not cancel or stop your membership.

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