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SVU Volleybal: Student Volleyball Club Amsterdam

SVU Volleybal is synonym for sportsmanship, the typical Dutch ´gezelligheid´ (having a good time), friendships and a dynamic life. With eight women’s teams and four men’s teams, SVU makes for one of the most fun and biggest student volleyball clubs of Amsterdam. After practice at Monday night, Tuesday night and Thursday night, you’ll always have an enjoyable time in ´The Hangout´, where many SVU members can be found having a drink with other SVU members. You’ll also find additional activities monthly, to promote this ´gezelligheid´ even more.

By students, for students: At SVU you’ll play with your peers. And it is not only for volleyball, but also entails a lot of fun and a few beers! Besides the monthly activities, there are 15 committees at SVU, ensuring that you’ll never have a boring moment at SVU!

All these fun experiences ensure that our club has many active members, who feel very involved in SVU. And then there is our Guinness World Record, that we established early 2017, by playing a volleyball match that lasted 101 hours. A true honor!

Because SVU Volleybal consists of students, we have to say goodbye to old members every year. But fortunately, we also get to welcome new volleyball playing students! It makes SVU Volleybal a very dynamic club, where every year is different.

Long story short, all in all enough reason to come and check our SVU Volleybal. Would you like to join as a member? Please look for further information on

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