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Sport at VU Sports centre, an unforgettable experience!

VU Sports centre brings people together. We aim for the best and doing that hoping to realize unforgettable experiences. For half a century already. Because of the connection with the Vrije Universiteit we welcome a lot of VU-students and VU-employees here. However, a big part of our members is not having this connection with the VU. They are living or working in the neighborhood and enjoy working out at VU Sports centre.

Top quality and support at VU Sports centre

To realize those unforgettable experiences we focus on the following values: quality, attention, knowledge and fun. We want to offer the very best quality and support, on every level. Because of the close connection with science and especially kinesiology we are able to do so. That is why we pay just as much attention to train the individual sports man, as the rowing team who is aiming for an Olympic gold medal in 2020. Our trainers understand perfectly well that every achievement means a breakthrough, but this breakthrough can differ for every person.


VU Sports centre facilities

At this moment we offer over 35 different sports. From fitness to yoga, and from futsal to boxing. The sports centre has been rebuild in 2016 and expanded from 2.900m2 to 6.200m2. A new two story fitness-area was build and a combat sports zone, new sports studios and Health & Performance store was added. Despite this expanding we still value the real ‘club feeling’. VU Sports centre is a state of the art and multipurpose sports centre, but very social and cosy at the same time. A place where new champions are born and unforgettable experiences are realized.


The unforgettable experience of…..Sebastiaan Sardo, 19 years

“Last year I started my study Natural Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit. That was the reason to move to Uilenstede. The VU Sports centre is on the campus, so I started working out at the fitness and playing volleyball. My ultimate goal is to improve my pshyical health and play volleyball on a higher level. My unforgettable experience are the finger print scans at the entrance!”

The unforgettable experience of…..Marlous van Klink, 19 years

“When I moved to Amsterdam to study medicine at the Vrije Universiteit, I was looking for a new volleyball club. During the VU Introduction days I found out the VU Sports centre offered volleyball. I think it’s very convenient they also offer fitness as well. My unforgettable experience is that I can really enjoy working out in my free time at the VU Sports centre. They offer so many sports, so there will be a sport to like for everyone.”

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