Basketball is a fast, attractive team sport in which you’ll be in continuous movement. Offence and defense alternate quickly and there’s a lot of scoring involved. It appeals greatly on athletic ability, technical skills and tactical insight of the players. 

Nowadays basketball is played in two ways. Traditionally 5x5 on a complete court, or the new trendy 3x3 on a half court with adjusted rules. At the VU Sports Centre you’ll find 5x5 as well as 3x3.

Basketball at VU Sports Centre

Worldwide more than 250 million people practice 3x3, making it the biggest urban team sport in the world.



At VU Sports Centre you can participate in recreational basketball at Uilenstede location in Amstelveen. We play every Tuesday from 8.15 to 11.15PM. From 8.15 – 9 there is a program for starters, after that all levels are welcome to come and play. We will split the group in two so that everyone can come and join. To participate you just buy a separate basketball plan. Anyone can join basketball! Men, women, and people of all ages.

For beginners and/or for those who would like to learn and train basic skills, there is a beginners training for women and men on the 1st field.

During the season we will also organize tournaments on this evening.

Check the timetable on the website of VU Sports Centre for further information. To register, go to




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