Basketball is a fast, attractive team sport in which you’ll be in continuous movement. Offence and defense alternate quickly and there’s a lot of scoring involved. It appeals greatly on athletic ability, technical skills and tactical insight of the players. 

Nowadays basketball is played in two ways. Traditionally 5x5 on a complete court, or the new trendy 3x3 on a half court with adjusted rules. At the VU Sports Centre you’ll find 5x5 as well as 3x3.


Week 39

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Time Sport Trainer Location Availlability
21:10 - 23:30 Basketbal recreatief Jard Sporthal 2 Reserveren niet nodig

Thursday 26 September 2019

Time Sport Trainer Location Availlability
19:00 - 21:00 Basketball 3 x 3 (teams inschr.) Urbian Sporthal 1 no bookings

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Basketball at VU Sports Centre

Worldwide more than 250 million people practice 3x3, making it the biggest urban team sport in the world.



At VU Sports Centre you can partake in recreational basketball at Uilenstede location in Amstelveen. We play every Tuesday from 9.15 to 11.15PM. These recreational basketball sessions are coached by coaches of the SVU Basketball club in Amstelveen. To participate you just buy a separate basketball plan or an all-in plan. Anyone can join basketball! Men, women, and people of all ages.
During the first two weeks of September there are trials basketball training sessions on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, so stop by to check out if basketball is your cup of tea!

The Thursday training is from 7 to 9 PM.
Check the timetable on the website of VU Sports Centre for further information.
During these first two weeks of September, anyone can try out a basketball trial training session once.

Would you like to try this training? No problem – all new members can try one day of activities from our sports portfolio, entirely free! So, come and try out any sports class or training session! Please register at the reception of the Uilenstede location. Maximum one free day pass per person.

SVU AMSTERDAM 3X3 Basketbal LEAGUE Amsterdam

Starting September 2019, VU Sports Centre, together with the Dutch Basketball Federation (Nederlandse Basketbal Bond NBB) will organize a 3×3 basketball league. This Amsterdam 3×3 league consists of 12 teams, with a minimum of 4 players each and will be played according to the official 3×3 rules. Matches will be 10 minutes long.

Since 2011, 3×3 is an officially recognized discipline within basketball. 3 against 3 basketball is played with six people on a half court. Other rules have been slightly adjusted as well. With more than 250 million people playing 3×3 basketball, it has grown to be the biggest urban team sport in the world!
The Amsterdam 3×3 league is played in Thursdays between 7 and 9 PM at the Uilenstede location in Amstelveen.

There are three competition periods:
Match days first competition period: Thursday the 19th of September, Tuesday the 24 of September and on Thursday the 26th of September, the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st of October, and then the 7th and 14th of November.
The second competition round will be from January till March 2020 and the third competition round will take place from May till July.
On the remaining Thursdays, participants of the league can play recreational 3×3 basketball sessions and training sessions, guided by the trainers of SVU Basketball and the NBB (Dutch Basketball Federation).



The team captains of each team subscribe their team. A team consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 players. Per round, a maximum of 4 team members can play. Both students and non-students can participate in this competition. This competition is mixed, meaning it is open for both men and women. There is no separate women’s league. To play in one competition period the team must pay 150 euros. Please note it is necessary for every team member to have a 3×3 profile at the international FIBA 3×3 platform:


The first twelve teams who completed the subscription (including the payment) are sure of a place in the competition. The team captains subscribe the team, using the application form, and fulfil the online payment of 150 euros. Please note the subscription is only considered to be complete after the payment has been fulfilled.

  Would you like more information on the rules of the game? Check:  Rules3x3NL19

In case you don’t have a team, you can subscribe individually by sending an email to Urbian: If there are enough individual subscriptions, a team will be formed.
In case there are too many applications, the remaining teams will be placed on a waiting list. They will then receive a separate notification.
Would you like to register you team? Please fill in the application form.

This is the prize money per competition period. Based on the final scores, the prize money will be rewarded. Prize money will only be paid, if the team has participated for the entire competition period.
#1: € 100
#2: € 75
#3: € 65
#4: € 60
#5: € 55
#6: € 50
#7: € 45
#8: € 40
#9: € 35
#10: € 30
#11: € 25
#12: € 20
Total = € 600 per period.

A team consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 players. Per round, a maximum of 4 team members can play. Both students and non-students can participate in this competition. This competition is mixed, meaning it is open for both men and women. There is no separate women’s league.
The tournament is registered and planned using the FIBA system.
Per competition period (half), a team can have 6 team members playing.
Per period / half a maximum of 9 tournaments are held. On each tournament a team can gain points, based on the final score. Number 1 gets 100 points, number 2 will receive 80 points etc. This is how the ranking is calculated.
The ninth / last tournament is considered the final of the competition half, and teams will be scheduled according the ranking of the first eight tournaments. The final score of the final round, is also the final score of the competition period.




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