Do you enjoy being active in the outdoors? And are you not afraid to be challenged? Then why not join us at VU Sports Centre for a boot camp? Together we discover Uilenstede and make use of the street furniture to work on condition, strength and speed.

Sportcentrum VU offers the group lesson Bootcamp on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 18:00. The classes are outdoors, in the immediate vicinity of Uilenstede. We always start with a warm up to prepare body and muscles for a workout that is both challenging and fun.
During an hour we move to ever new and sometimes surprising places in the area of Uilenstede. Usually we run for just a few minutes and then do exercises that improve both your endurance and strength. We make use of what we come across: stairs, benches, trees or a slope. And not unimportantly, it’s also fun! The hard work is regularly alternated with a competition or an (active) game.
Don’t be put off by rain, cold or a dark autumn evening. We always find a place where we can work in the dry and lit.

Regardless of your athletic experience, you can always join. The exercises are easy to adapt to any level. Our starting point is that you should have fun. Because of the variation in exercises and training forms this is almost self-evident.

We start from the entrance of Sports Centre VU at Uilenstede. It is useful to bring a water bottle. If it is colder, an extra sweater or vest helps to stay warm. A towel or mat is not necessary. It is also important to wear sports shoes that support your feet well.

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