This special form of aerobics – step BBBB- is very popular. The name is explained by the material used during this step class: a step. Besides that, you’ll work with your own body weight. It is a simple, athletic freestyle workout with a very high fun level as well.

Step/BBBB at VU Sports centre

Work on your shape in a safe and effective manner, using the step. The focus is on improving your shape and strengthening your leg muscles.


A simple, athletic freestyle workout with a very high fun level as well. Step/BBBB classes take place at one of the studios at location Uilenstede in Amstelveen.


While listing to uplifting music you’ll step up and down a in height adjustable step. By using the step you’ll improve your physical fitness in an effective way, while no class is the same. The emphasis is on improving your physical fitness and balance. After the step part, the class will continue with a part where you’ll train your booty, legs, stomach and chest. There is a lot of attention on the right way of executing your exercises. To make the workout more challenging we use dumbbells and a Dyna band.

This class is perfect for anyone who likes an active, energetic workout with a focus on uplifting and quick movements while stepping up and down.


The steps, dumbbells and Dyna band used in Step BBBB class are available at the sport studios of VU Sports Centre. For a Step BBBB class it is important to wear good and supporting indoor sport shoes as well as comfortable sportswear. Besides that, we recommend you bring a bottle of water and a towel. Pay attention: Using a towel is obliged at VU Sports Centre, both for the group classes and in the fitness areas.

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