Boxing at the VU Sports Centre location Uilenstede is the perfect sport for you if you want to work on endurance and master various self-defense and punching techniques. And also when you want to build your stamina and to burn calories while doing it.

Boxing at VU Sports Centre

We have a place for boxers of all levels and ages. Our experienced and professional boxing trainers provide a challenging program and the right guidance for your level.


Putting on your boxing gloves for the first time? Or do you have years of experience? At the VU Sports Centre there is a place for boxers of all levels and ages. In the time table of the classes you can check when the trainings of which level are given.


Boxing is a tactical martial art. With this sport, you focus on coordination of the feet, eyes and hands. A good physical fitness and insight in the boxing ring are essential. When fighting a boxing match, the two boxers try to score points by hitting each other on the right spots. Only punches or strokes above the belt are allowed. It is prohibited to dug below the belt of the opponent. Holding, kicking, butting of the head or biting aren´t allowed either. You win the match when the opponent is knock-out, or if you have gained the most points. The number of rounds and duration depends on the class and type of match.

Boxers are divided in weight classes. There are 11 to 14 weight classes. Wearing boxing gloves is necessary and obligatory.

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