Kickboxing is a full body workout, which will help you to build and maintain a strong physical fitness. You'll also increase the flexibility of your muscles, and because of the 'real combat aspect' of this sport, the sparring part, your reflexes will improve too.

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Kickboxing at VU Sports centre

Come and join us for a full body workout. Not only will you work on a strong body, but you'll also increase your flexibility and improve your reflexes.



Sports Center VU offers different types of lessons: kickboxing, sparring and bag training. Try them all out, or ask the trainer which training will suit your training goals best. The training courses are accessible to all levels; from beginner to advanced. The lessons are in Studio 1, location Uilenstede. A workout consists of approximately 40 minutes technique training and 20 minutes punch / kick with pads.

Check the class schedule to see when the classes take place.


This martial art originated as a combination of different martial arts such as boxing, Muay Thai and Kung Fu. Kickboxing was then used as a sport to measure different styles of martial artists. In this martial art you use both your hands and your feet. The punches of boxing are combined with the kicks of sports such as karate and taekwondo.

It is often confused with Thai boxing. However, there are differences to be noted. Elbow punches are prohibited in kickboxing. This is allowed in Thai boxing. The manner of kicking is also different. This difference is reflected in the different forms of competition.
It is a full body workout that allows you to build up a good condition. In addition, you increase the flexibility of your muscles. Because of the “real-combat” aspect of this sport, sparring, your reflexes will also improve.


Heavy bag training is a perfect workout: you’ll build up your fitness and muscle strength and end up with a strong and toned body. It is ideal for weight loss, but it also makes you more resilient and self-confident.

Kickboksen Amsterdam

During the bag training you’ll practice the same techniques and train the same muscles as in kickboxing, only now you are standing with your boyfriend / girlfriend / partner / buddy or alone in front of a punching bag. So it is not sparring, but you perform your exercises on the bag, where you can focus even more specifically on the way in which you perform your movements. Bump, elbow and kick techniques are shown. Straight punches, corner punches and uppercuts, nothing is left out.

During these workouts, extra attention is paid to cardio and strength. It is therefore a good addition to technique lessons or a fun way to do an intense workout in an hour. Try sparring, bag training and kickboxing all and see what suits you. The trainer can help you to see which training best suits your training goals.


The gloves and shin guards are available in the sports studios of Sports Center VU. Wearing a mouthguard, bandages and a groin protector is recommended. It is important that you wear comfortable sportswear. It is also important to bring a drinking bottle and a towel for sweating. Please note: The use of a towel is mandatory at VU Sports Center, for all group lessons and in the fitness.

Athletes of all levels are welcome to the bag training classes, whether you are a novice or an experienced boxer. The combination of fitness and strength training makes the lessons very accessible and because you work in pairs, everyone can determine his / her own level.

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