Ice skating at Sportcentrum VU

Did you know that even long before winter really starts you can already do some outdoor skating training?

In spring and summer we organize a skating fitness training in the Flevopark in Amsterdam Oost, see below on this page for more information.

As of this season, skating will be entirely provided by SKITS. For more information, visit the SKITS website.

More information

Skate condition training

For skating enthusiasts who are not studying, we will start this season with a skating fitness training in the Flevopark in Amsterdam East.

If you are not a student, you can follow a skating fitness training every Thursday morning from 08:45 to 10:00 in the Flevopark in Amsterdam East. Running/soft running is the basis, but the training encompasses much more: all the muscles you need to skate better and harder are addressed. Of course you do a lot of 'skating', but there is also a lot of attention for your endurance (walking!!) and your 'core stability'. The training is provided by skating trainer Kees de Vrij.

For info: or 06 – 21275720. The training sessions will start again in the spring 2024.

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