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Artikel 1. D efinitions
a) VU Sportscentre: the Sports centre of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
b) Member: the natural person (male or female), legal entity or party in whose name the membership is recorded.
c) Agreement: the membership agreement between VU Sports centre and the Member.

Article 2. Applicability
These General Terms and Conditions will apply to the formation and performance of the Agreement concluded between VU Sports centre and the Member.

Article 3. Registration and membership
a) A person may become a member of VU Sports centre in the following ways:
1. by fully completing the digital registration form through the website portal.sportcentrumvu.nl; or
2. by registering at the reception desk at one of VU Sports centre’s locations.
b) The VU Sports centre membership will commence when payment for it has been made.
c) The Member may, without having to state reasons, give up the membership within 14 days of the registration date, provided the membership has not been used.
d) Members must be at least 16 years old when the membership starts. An exception may be made with the management’s written permission.
e) Membership will end automatically.
f) Membership will be strictly personal and may not be transferred to another person.

Article 4. Payment terms
a) The VU Sports centre Membership Agreement will be entered into for the period indicated in the registration. Each Agreement will have its own terms and conditions, as indicated on www.sportcentrumvu.nl.
b) All membership fees must be paid in advance.
c) Before becoming a member, the Member must pay the normal rate. VU Sports centre offers several types of discounts on this normal rate. These discounts are determined, for example, based on the duration of the membership. Discounts also apply to students and employees of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam and VU University Medical Center Amsterdam. The Member must prove that he/she is eligible for a discount and will immediately inform VU Sports centre of any changes relevant to the granting of the discount.
d) Proof that the Member is eligible for a discount must be provided before the Agreement is entered into.
e) The rates may be viewed at www.sportcentrumvu.nl or requested from the reception desk at one of VU Sports centre’s locations. During promotional actions, memberships may be offered for a different period and/or price.
f) Payment for the membership must be made when the membership is entered into or extended, with payment having to be made in cash or by PIN payment.
g) Members may only opt for payment in instalments if an All-In membership for a 12-month period has been selected. Sports centre VU may, without having to state reasons, refuse to allow membership to be entered into through instalment payments.
h) If the Member has opted for payment in instalments, he/she must ensure that the monthly instalment is paid in the first week of the new month. The instalment may be paid online (portal.sportcentrumvu.nl) or at one of the Sports centre’s locations.
i) Administrative costs will be added to the instalment amount, which must be paid with the first instalment. When paying the first instalment, the Member will owe a deposit, which will be set off against the other instalments.
j) If payment is not made on time, the Member will be in default without a further notice of default. From the date that the Member is in default, all instalments owed for the remaining duration of the membership will be due and payable, and these must be paid by the Member to VU Sports centre within 30 days after they become due and payable. If the Member remains in default, this claim will be passed on for collection. Any costs incurred in this regard will be paid by the Member. The Member may not use VU Sports centre’s services or facilities until his/her debt which has become due has been paid.
k) If VU Sports centre must pass on for collection its claim against the Member, the Member will also owe administrative costs and collection costs (court and out-of-court) consistent with the collection costs scale and in accordance with the percentage referred to in the relevant collection laws and regulations, or 15% of the amount outstanding, with a minimum of €40. From the date on which an amount becomes due and payable, VU Sports centre may charge the Member interest of 1% per month or, if higher, the statutory interest. The Member may not use VU Sports centre’s services or facilities until his/her debt is or will be paid in accordance with the agreements with the collection agency.
l) Each year, VU Sports centre may adjust the membership rates, effective the start of the new academic year. The adjusted rate will take effect if the Member takes out a new membership and will not affect the current Membership Agreements at that time.

Article 5. Suspension or early termination of membership
a) In the event of long-term illness, injury or pregnancy, the membership may be suspended with VU Sports centre’s written permission. Students may also temporarily suspend the membership if they study or do an internship outside the country. Suspension will only be possible after the ‘suspension form’ has been completed truthfully and turned in. A medical certificate or confirmation from the educational institution, or other proof which VU Sports centre considers proper, must be submitted as well.
b) Membership may never be suspended with retroactive effect.
c) The Member’s payment obligation will be suspended for the actual duration of the suspension. The Membership Agreement’s expiry date will be extended by the period of the actual suspension.
d) Early termination of the Membership Agreement by the Member will only be possible if the Member moves outside a radius of 15 kilometres from the Sports centre, with proof of registration in the new municipality being required and subject to a notice period of one full calendar month.
e) Membership may never be terminated with retroactive effect.
f) VU Sports centre reserves the right to rescind the Membership Agreement at the instigation of Sports centre’s VU management in the event of serious or repeated violations of the internal rules or other unacceptable conduct. The fee for the membership period still remaining after rescission will be immediately owed and payable as compensation, effective the rescission date.

Article 6. Personal data and privacy
a) VU Sports centre will process the Member’s personal data within the frameworks of the applicable laws and regulations on the protection of privacy, specifically the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act [Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens], in a manner and for the purposes further described below.
b) The privacy statement may be obtained upon request at VU Sports centre’s reception desk or may be viewed on VU Sports centre’s website.
c) The Member may examine, correct and object to his/her processed personal data. VU Sports centre may charge costs up to the statutory maximum for enabling the Member to examine the personal data and/or for making corrections to the data and/or for handling an objection to it. The Member may object to the processing of his/her personal data and direct requests to examine, correct and object to Sports centre VU, Uilenstede 100, 1183 AM Amstelveen.
d) Video surveillance will occur within the Sports centre. The video recordings will be used for the following purposes: combatting and preventing fraud, theft and irregularities within the Sports centre. The video recordings will be saved for a period of 96 hours. The recordings may only be requested and viewed afterwards through/by VU Sports centre’s management.

Article 7. Risk and liability
a) Sports centre VU, the managers and other employees and/or agents will not be liable for any injury, accidents or lost items of whatever nature, and whatever the cause, except if there has been wilful misconduct or deliberate recklessness on Sports centre’s VU or its management’s part.
b) Use of sports equipment and machines, and participation in a programme, group lessons and/or activities of whatever nature will be entirely at the Member’s own risk.
c) Use of the lockers at VU Sports centre will be entirely at the Member’s own risk.
d) VU Sports centre may hold the Member liable for damage or destruction caused.

Article 8. Opening hours and sports facilities
a) Sports centre VU reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change the opening hours, without the Member being entitled to a refund.
b) Sports centre VU may be closed in whole or in part during generally recognized public holidays and school holidays.
c) Sports centre VU may close for repairs and maintenance work. The Member will not be entitled to a refund of the membership because of this.
d) Sports centre VU reserves the right to adjust the group lesson facilities from time to time. This also includes temporarily or permanently offering an adjusted group lesson schedule, changing the number of hours and/or the times that a group lesson will be given, the types of group lessons and the content thereof or the equipment used in a group lesson, and cancelling one or more group lessons. These changes or cancellations will not entitle the Member to a refund of the membership.
e) If possible, Sports centre VU will inform the Members of the changes through the appropriate channels.

Article 9. Personal training
a) Sports centre VU will offer ‘personal training’, an activity which will not be included in the membership. Personal training will be given by the Sports centre’s staff. Third parties may only give personal training with management’s written permission. Giving personal training without permission may result in access being denied to the Sports centre.

Article 10. Internal rules and code of conduct
a) The Member must be familiar with the internal rules applied by Sports centre VU. These rules are present at the various locations and may, if desired, be requested from the reception desk. The Member must comply with these internal rules.
b) Sports centre VU may refuse or deny access at any time to persons whose conduct provides reason to do so.
c) Sports centre VU may amend the internal rules. Amended internal rules will apply immediately to everyone, effective the date that they are announced.

Article 11. Complaints and disputes
a) If there is a complaint about Sports centre VU, the Member should contact the Sports centre through the form for tips, comments and complaints.

Article 12. Final provisions
a) By registering for membership, the Member will be declaring that he/she accepts and will act in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and Sports centre’s VU internal rules.
b) These General Terms and Conditions and Sports centre VU internal rules can be found on VU Sports centre’s website and may be requested from the reception desk at one of the Sports centre’s locations.
c) VU Sports centre may amend these General Terms and Conditions. Amended General Terms and Conditions will apply to new Members and to existing Members upon extension of their membership. Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions will be announced through the website and the newsletter sent by e mail.
d) Dutch law will solely apply to these General Terms and Conditions and to any agreements entered into by or with VU Sports centre.

October 2020: in addition to general terms and conditions and rules
In exceptional situations – for example during a crisis situation such as the current corona crisis – the management of VU Sports Center can take decisions that deviate from the general terms and conditions and house rules.

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