Pickleball at Sportcentrum VU

The pickleball hype has also reached the Netherlands!

At Sportcentrum VU we now have the facilities to play this simple and accessible racket sport, but above all very fun game!

All-in subscription

Pickleball is a combination of badminton, table tennis, tennis and padel. It is mainly played 2 against 2. Compared to, for example, tennis and padel, the sport has other characteristics that make the sport grow so fast. The speed of the ball is about a third of a tennis ball. The court is about a third of a tennis court. And unlike a tennis racket, the "paddle" has no strings, making it easier to hit the ball. This combination makes the sport extremely accessible. With pickleball anyone without a background can immediately play a nice game.

Jongen en meisje spelen Pickleball bij Sportcentrum VU

No training is offered and we are still looking at how to include it in the program. As long as the hall is not rented out, you can play for at least an hour on request and challenge fellow players to a match.

Do you want to know if the hall is available? Then call +31 20 598 50 90.

You do need a valid subscription, you can buy a day pass or you can participate if you have an all-in subscription.

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